Q: How much does a season cost?
A: Currently, league fees are $85 per person. We also accept naked pictures of your
sister or contracts for first-born children.

Q: What does that get me?
A: How about membership to the greatest kickball league ever, 7 to 8 regular season
games (plus playoffs), a genuine HKL T-shirt, paid refs and a chance to mingle with
some of the most awesome people around.

Q: Where do you play?
A: Fall seasons are in Washington Park in Union City. The Spring saeason is a secret
right now as we have a couple new locations in the works. No we won’t tell you,
even if you bribe us with beer… ok, maybe we would. In the mean time, please
reference the Location section of the Games menu.

Q: Are there post-game festivities?
A: Does Kim Kardashian have a HUGE ass?? Of Course!! The HKL prides itself on
providing a true Sunday Funday with plenty of flip cup and socializing. As many
have put it, “the game is half the fun!”

Q: Where are the post game activities?
A: We are currently looking to change things up a bit and relocate to a new bar with
better specials, flip cup and all around awesomeness.

Q: How Old must you be to play?
A: 21. And that goes for the pictures of your sisters too. I mean, that would just be
creepy otherwise…

Q: How many players per team?
A: Minimum of 12, Max of 20. 16 is good number as you will inevitably have players
who can’t make it each week for some lame reason…

Q: How many players on the field at once?
A: 11. Yes this is two more than a normal softball team, but you try catching a ball
bigger than your head out of the air… That’s what she said…

Q: Does everyone bat- i.e. kick?
A: Hell yes. If you are on the roster, you get an at bat.

Additional questions? Why not check out the rules or shoot us an email at


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