Welcome to Hoboken Kickball

Regrettably, the HKL has closed down operations and will no longer offer Spring or Fall seasons.

Formerly, the Hoboken Kickball League has been bringing people together for more than just kickball since 2004.   As Hoboken’s oldest independent kickball league, we care about having fun on and off the field and provided players with the opportunity to meet people from any team, not just their own.  It’s what distinguished us from the other leagues out there.  The HKL was more than just a one hour kickball game- it was a true Sunday Funday.  That’s why all our staff played in the league and could be seen at every gathering and function.

In addition, we hosted several social events and fundraisers throughout the year that provided a chance to mix with your fellow HKLers and get to know them outside of the Sunday environment.  

A special thanks to all those who have played over the seasons and made this such a great league. And remember, you’re never too old for kickball.

Viva La Kickball!

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